Your 2024 IT Action Plan

December is often a time to step back and plan. As small and midsize business leaders, we prepare to close out our fiscal years. You are also likely looking forward, setting budgets, marketing plans, and sales forecasts. Too often, we forget to consider the role our technology and services can play in supporting our business goals and objectives.

Align your IT plans to best support your business goals.

This month, our 3T@3 Series focuses on IT planning for the coming year.  Allen Falcon, our CEO, discusses current and emerging trends and how they may impact or help your business. In addition, he walks through an IT checklist designed to help guide your plans by identifying business and technical considerations worthy of an annual review.

This session is intended for small and midsize businesses looking for technology and services to better support their business operations and plans. You will leave the session with a set of actionable ideas and resources.

If you register and are unable to attend, we will send you a link to view the recording on-demand.