Goal: Usable, Secure, Efficient

Ensure your productivity suite is set up to for productivity, security, data protection, and efficiency.

Whether you use Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace, how you setup your services impacts your team's productivity, as well as your security and your ability to protect your data (and your business) from damage or loss. The Admin Console Audit and Review steps through your environment and validates your settings against best practices. Additionally, the review can identify under-utilized or unused services offering capabilities that you may be paying for third party tools to access.

What You Get

  • Detailed review of your account and service setup, user org structures, account provisioning, and user account management
  • Assessment of admin roles and permissions
  • Analysis of settings for all core services, managed devices, users, and groups
  • Audit of current security and compliance settings for email and file services
  • Review of unused / under-utilized services
  • Third party tool setting recommendations
  • Recommendations on changes to meet or align with best practices
    • Service and setting changes
    • Security, data loss prevention, permissions, and data retention
    • Admin roles, permissions, and workflows
    • Third party tools to meet business security, data privacy, and workflow requirements
  • Savings: 50% of your Assessment fee is applied to deployment services should you engage us to implement our recommendations.

How We Work

Discovery (3 Phase Process) MED-1


A kick-off meeting provides an understanding of your current use of Google Workspace.

The questions and responses help guide the focus of the audit and review process.

We also identify regulatory or industry security and data protection requirements.

Analysis (3 Phase Process) MED


We conduct an audit of your admin console settings, comparing them to best practices.

Settings are analyzed to ensure alignment with relevant business, industry, and regulatory requirements.

The analysis also looks at potential end user experience and work flow resulting from the draft recommendations.

Recommendation (3 Phase Process) MED


We deliver a comprehensive report providing our findings, recommendations, and additional supporting information.

Our Cloud Advisors and service experts facilitate a review meeting where we walk-through and discuss our findings and recommendations.

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