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Managed Chrome Lifecycle Services

Chrome devices help innovative educators transform education and improve learning outcomes. Managing a sustainable Chrome device program requires planning and administrative resources.

We designed our ChromeCycle services to reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and improve the sustainability of your Chrome device program. ChromeCycle services cover your administrative, technical, and business needs for the full technology lifecycle for classroom/lab, 1:1, and BYOD initiatives. 

With ChromeCycle, you can offload administrative time and lower costs: 

  • Acquisition
  • Asset Lifecycle Management
  • BYOD Support
  • Disposition
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Protection Plans
  • Accessories
  • Custom "White Glove" Services

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Acquisition Services

Lower your purchase costs with our purchase pre-registration service.

Let us bid your specs across multiple manufacturers or your preferred model across distributors.

"White Glove" Services

Pre-configure your network, proxy, and standard extensions, saving time and effort.

We offer options for asset tagging, etching, and asset documentation.

BYOD Services

Improve your BYOD program with group purchasing services, a BYOD store for devices and accessories, and individual protection plans.

We handle the sales and logistics.


Get value from devices you remove from service.

Our Buy-Back and Trade-In options give you cash or credit to towards your next round of purchases.


With historically low interest rates, Fair Market Value (FMV) and Finance Leases can lower your TCO and spread purchase costs across fiscal years.

Let us get you multiple financing quotes.

Asset Lifecycle Services

We help you manage and track your inventory.

We assist with warranty service requests, and assist you with lifecycle and refresh cycle planning.


Cases, backpacks, cameras, screen protectors, and more.

With multiple distributor relationships, we offer a full range of accessories and gear a the lowest possible prices.

Protection Plans

We offer manufacturer and third party plans that extend warranties to match your refresh cycle and budget.

Beyond warranty issues, we have plans for accidental damanage and loss.