Goal: Email Services that Enhance and Protect Your Business

Ensure your messages get delivered; Protect your business from attack; Maintain regulatory and industry compliance.

How you configure email and DNS services -- Microsoft, Google, or others -- determines whether or not messages you send end up in spam, as well as how vulnerable your business is to a cyber attack. Looking beyond the basics of email setup, the Assessment identifies gaps and opportunities that can improve your email reliability, protection from attack, and compliance. Beyond fitting the technology pieces together, the Assessment recommends solutions that fit your operations, priorities, and budget.

What You Get

  • A comprehensive review of your current email and DNS service and configurations, and how well they are serving your business
  • Expert analysis of challenges, gaps, and opportunities to improve protections from attacks, maintain your reputation, ensure deliverability, and maintain compliance (as applicable)
  • Recommendations on “what” technologies are best and “how” to leverage them for greatest value
    • Microsoft or Google email services and configurations
    • Advanced threat protection and compliance tools and services
    • DNS configuration and services
    • Email deliverability services
  • Savings: 50% of your Assessment fee is applied to deployment services should you engage us to implement our recommendations. 

How We Work

Discovery (3 Phase Process) MED-1


A 20-30 minute call will identify all of the systems generating and sending/receiving messages, filtering, archiving, and otherwise protecting your email.

We explore both inbound and outbound mail flows to gain a complete picture of your communication solution.

We will follow up with questions, as needed, to understand needs and priorities.

Analysis (3 Phase Process) MED


We have been ensuring email security and compliance for 15 years. 

Our Cloud Advisors bring this experience and their expertise and apply our best-practice models. 

We let business objectives and priorities drive technology requirements and focus on integrated, efficient solutions.

Recommendation (3 Phase Process) MED


The value of change is measured by its impact.  We identify and recommend changes with the greatest impact for your email security, compliance, and reliability.

We review our custom analysis and recommendations with you and other decision-makers on your team.

We leave you with prioritized, and actionable recommendations.

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