Technology is your business lifeline. We manage IT for you.

Focus on your business, not your infrastructure.

Your computer, phone, email, documents, and applications enable you to deliver your services.  Access, security, and the occasional glitch can challenge your IT skills, disrupt your business, and consume your valuable time and energy.  Our managed services save you the hassle. We deploy and deliver services designed keep your IT services, your team, and your business accessible, secure, and running smoothly.  

Managed services empower you and your team to do more. Stay focused on serving your clients; we ensure your IT serves you well.

What You Get

  • Our Premium Services that do more than solve your problems; we help you work more efficiently by understanding and using more of the IT capabilities.
  • Services that prevent business disruptions by protecting you from cyber attacks, and enable you to continue to work even when the unexpected happens.
  • Purchasing services that save you time and money when it is time to upgrade.
  • Optional services to meet regulatory, industry, and business-specific application and security needs, such as archive/discovery, unified communications, remote desktop, and managed print.
  • Service Plans that match your needs and your budget.

Service Plans



Our Premium Services bundled with the essential cyber, device, and data protections keep you running and secure.

  • Advanced Threat Protection for Email
  • Backup protection for your info in the cloud
  • Cumulus Global Premium Service
  • Optional:  Backup / Continuity / Disaster Recovery for your computer or laptop


Our most popular plan includes all of the security, data protection, and support services in our Essential Plan, plus:

  • Next-Gen Endpoint Protection to to prevent ransomware and malware cyber attacks
  • Multi-Factor Authentication to protect your identity and access
  • Local Disk Encryption to secure local files and data
  • Managed DNS services to protect email services and improve email deliverability


Our best value, starts with our Basic Plan and adds best-practice security and advanced admin services:

  • Web Filtering/Monitoring and DNS protection to prevent malware downloads and DNS attacks 
  • Security Awareness Training for cyber insurance and supply chain compliance
  • Advanced Admin tools to simplify on/off boarding, group management, and more.
  • Optional: Advanced DNS services to prevent phishing and impersonation attacks; Monitor and manage email deliverability


All of the capabilities of our Business Plan, enhanced with security awareness training and advanced device management services.

  • Managed email signatures
  • Alternate cloud user account archiving for affordable retention policy and regulatory compliance
  • Optional: Comprehensive management for all of your devices to protect you and your clients.

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