Goal: More Productivity from Your Suite and Your Teams

Understand which suite is best for your business and how to fully utilize its capabilities

How you use your productivity suite -- Microsoft, Google, or others -- is just as important as which suite you use. Looking beyond the basics of email, chat, calendar, and files, the Assessment identifies gaps and opportunities that can extend and leverage integration with other systems, reduce costs, and improve efficiencies. Beyond fitting the technology pieces together, the Assessment recommends solutions that fit your operations, priorities, and budget.

What You Get

  • A comprehensive review of your current technology platforms and how well they are serving your business
  • Expert analysis of challenges, gaps, and opportunities to improve efficiencies and productivity
  • Recommendations on “what” technologies are best and “how” to leverage them for greatest value
    • Which suite -- Microsoft or Google -- aligns with your business operations and other technologies
    • Under-utilized capabilities that can enable process improvements and business growth
    • Adoption and utilization guidance to empower your employees
  • Savings: 50% of your Assessment fee is applied to deployment services should you engage us to implement our recommendations.

How We Work

Discovery (3 Phase Process) MED-1


The 90 minutes you spend completing our Productivity Suite Survey provides us with a comprehensive baseline of information covering your current IT environment and services up through your business goals for the next 3 to 5 years. 

We will follow up with questions, as needed, to understand needs and priorities.

Analysis (3 Phase Process) MED


We have been matching cloud services to business needs for 15 years. 

Our Cloud Advisors bring this experience and their expertise and apply our best-practice models. 

We let business objectives and priorities drive technology requirements and focus on integrated, efficient solutions.

Recommendation (3 Phase Process) MED


Strategic changes require strategic thinking. Tactics define the projects and phasing that foster success.

We review our custom analysis and recommendations with you and other decision-makers on your team.

We walk through our report and leave you with prioritized, and actionable recommendations.

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