Goal: Reduce Risk, Step up Security, Protect Your Budget

Understand your current security services and gaps, and how to best protect your business from the most common and dangerous cyber attacks.

The vast majority of Cyber Attacks begin with email. This assessment looks at how your email and related services are protected from phishing, ransomware, business email compromise, impersonation, and other common cyber attacks. We also assess your ability to return to normal operations and recover in the event of a successful attack.

What You Get

  • A review of basic security services and coverage, identifying any gaps
  • An assessment of your ability to recover in the event of a successful cyber attack
  • Expert analysis of and opportunities to improve protections and your ability to recover 
  • Recommendations on “what” technologies are best and “how” to leverage them for greatest value
  • Savings: The Rapid Security Assessment is free for those who have attended or viewed one our recent security events.

How We Work

Discovery (3 Phase Process) MED-1


Spend only 3 to 5 minutes completing our Rapid Security Assessment provides us with a baseline of information covering your current IT environment and fundamental security services. 

We will follow up with questions, as needed.

Analysis (3 Phase Process) MED


Our Cloud Advisors review your assessment information, analyze your DNS settings and protocols, and scan the dark web. 

We collate the information to benchmark your security against best practices for preventing the most common types of cyber attacks.

Recommendation (3 Phase Process) MED


Security should cover the basics and match your business needs.

We review our custom analysis and make recommendations with you and other decision-makers on your team.

We walk through our report and leave you with prioritized, and actionable, recommendations.

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