SaaSOps: What, How, Why

Even small and midsize businesses like yours are using multiple cloud and IT services.  More than Google Workspace or Microsoft 365, your cloud portfolio likely includes applications and services for accounting, customer relationship management, marketing, and security. With dozens of applications and services, you may struggle to manage licensing, access, and permissions.

Automating common admin and management tasks saves time and money, and improves security.

SaaS Operations, or SaaSOps is an automation and admin discipline for cloud applications and services.  This month, our 3T@3 Series helps you understand the What, Why, and How of SaaSOps as a tool to enhance admin efficiency, improve security, and manage costs.  We will take time to define SaaSOps, discuss why SaaSOps benefit IT and your business, and how you can get started. 

This session is designed for small and midsize businesses with more than a few staffing or IT changes per year, whether or not you have dedicated IT resources. You will leave the session with a set of actionable ideas and resources.

If you register and are unable to attend, we will send you a link to view the recording on-demand.

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